Conner Ives was born and raised in Bedford, New York. He moved to London in 2014 to attend Central Saint Martins, where graduated from BA Fashion Womenswear in the summer of 2020. He now resides in London where he runs his design studio, as an ex-pat. His Design process is fueled by memories of childhood, inspired by the girls and women he grew up with. The work takes on the purpose of telling their stories. American identity is so palpable, so consumable that there is often an effortlessness to it. But the pursuit is always for a new Americana; an expansion of what it comes to represent. The label, from it’s inception, has looked to address how we can make smarter, more responsible clothes. Nostalgia is portrayed in an almost literal sense through the use of vintage garments for raw material. Most of the pieces in the collection are made from Dead-stock or vintage garments. There is a feeling of responsibility to elevate the identity of re-generated items; shaking away the connotation of craft as something non-desirable. These clothes are desirable. They are responsible.

They are for you.


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